MeltedGold Comms

Weclome to my comm sheet, here you will find info about my commissions! Please contact me via DM on twitter(X) or on my Ko-Fi!

Option 1:

Edit your screen! - $5 Base

Need some touch ups? Need some fluffy bubbles in your bath or some steam clouds and some sweat? Want an inserted background? Let me know!

Option 2

Basic Screen + Editing Options! - $35 Base

This will be your basic screenshot commission by me! This can include your character or mine, as long as it does not go against my rules. I specialise in pin up shots especially, but I can do more complex group shots if needs be.With the basic edition you will receive a single shot done by me with basic touch ups to make it match my usual pin-up quality.
Should you require more heavy edits, I offer a variety of additional versions.
Please note this can take up to two weeks depending on the complexity of your screenshot.


I will need your character's Data/MCDF as well as any mods they use. Please be very precise on what exactly you expect out of this and what you wish to see. Kindly let me know the do's and don'ts of your character and themes.Once you have decided what you would like to commission me for, contact me with your planned selection and addons and then we can discuss payment.
Ko-Fi is also an option for payment should that work for you!
Thank you for supporting me!